Legal Summary

Here is an overview of legal aspects related to Mapillary, including using our service and our data.

Using the Service and Contributing

When using the service, including any data, or contributing photos you agree to the Mapillary Terms of Service.

Derive Data from Mapillary Photos

For the purpose of contributing metadata to OpenStreetMap, we allow anyone to derive metadata from our photos. The conditions regulating that are listed on the OpenStreetMap page.

Using Mapillary Photos

Mapillary Photos are available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (CC BY-SA 4.0).

Creative Commons License

With Mapillary Photos we mean the publicly available street level photos.

Attribution should include a clearly visible link to mapillary.com or to the Mapillary photo page directly. Suggested text: "Photos from Mapillary, CC BY-SA, by @username. "

Other photos, videos, logos, map tiles or graphic material on the site are not included in this license.

Contributing Mapillary Photos to Wikipedia

If you would like to use a Mapillary photo in a Wikipedia entry, go ahead and donate the photo to Wikimedia Commons. If you like, we can do it for you. Just send us an email and describe where you want to use it, and we will donate.


In the event that there are discrepancies between the different language versions of the site, the English version should be considered as the correct version. Other language pages are provided by the community and cannot always be checked for factual mistakes by Mapillary.

Mapillary AB

Mapillary AB is a company registered in Sweden. Your relationship with Mapillary is governed by Swedish law.


Please send us any questions by email.

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